We will be bringing you a live talk show.

Working on the configuration, trying to crawl over, under and around a couple of brick walls.

So far it seems to work

We have to be broadcasting before you will
see anything work.  But it does work.

There is a 30 second ad you have to watch before it begins.
Click on the Blue Arrow to begin.

When the Live talk show starts you can move your mouse over the
video screen, and you will see a couple of arrows towards the
bottom right, when you click on them,  the screen will become full screen.

You can also  stop the ad on the video screen by clicking on the little x.

If we are online it will say LIVE in Red at the bottom right.

If we are not live, it will say OFF AIR.

The last recorded video will then play by clicking on the Blue Arrow


There is a five second delay

Below is the
"MAC Professor"
Live Talk Show on "LiveStream"
We will know for sure in a couple of days.


Watch live streaming video from themacprofessor at livestream.com