Three years after it was signed into Law, not a seed in the ground.

WHY? That is the big question.
Is it legal to grow or not?
That is the billion dollar question

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
                                                                                                                                                       Albert Einstein
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 Almost Three and a half years after August 2009  the date
the Hemp Legalization Bill 676 was signed,
yes signed by the Governor and legalized by the State of Oregon.

Through some of the worst economic and jobless times for Oregonians,

                        Jobs work,  the more people working at a liveable wage enables us - you - everyone
                           to buy the things.
e all need to live comfortably and with the current tax structure.
we would have more than enough money to support the programs that need to be supported,
                            providing we have work or living wage jobs

and not to forget the rest of the country.


Still not a seed in the ground.

What gives?

The Purpose  of this website, is to gather together people who are
interested in creating a progressive approach


to create a better understanding of the future uses of Industrial Hemp.
We are not selling anything on this site.


 Here is one of those videos I promised


We are not interested in the legalization of Marijuana,
(No matter that it would probably be a good thing)

Einstein's RANT below this line


We want you to use the word  Industrial Hemp or Hemp,
or Industrial Hemp.
Not the word Marijuana,

There is No THC in Industrial Hemp fiber, seeds, and other plant parts
The seeds do not burn, they are pretty much a
nuisance for people who want to smoke marijuana.

 So,... what the heck are the seeds good for?

Well, marijuana seeds can be roasted and eaten or pressed into oil and flour.
Which is a premium vegetable oil that you cannot get high from.

The only thing that Industrial Hemp is high in, CBD a non physoactve chemical which aids
The body in fixing or replentishing your body with  what it needs to help fix
dozens of ailments or maladies. The seeds are high in Omega 3 and  Omega 6.
Hemp Oil made from this plant coatins "Cannabidiol" or CBD

go to and see for yourself

Remember There is no "THC" In Industrial Hemp.
You cannot get high on Hemp containing CBD,
it is NON Psychoactive
THC and CBD are
or go here this link may not work so copy and paste it into your web browser

Hemp seed is high in all types of good Chemicals
It is now time for you to go learn on your own.
I hope I have given you enough information to start out with your own learning curve
So, that if and when we ever have a conversation I can enjoy hearing what you have to say
instead of a bunch of hooey that you have learned from someone who
knows nothing about what he is saying or telling you..

Time to "Pay Attention",
It does not cost very much

Which make it a SUPER Food,
You Say what?

Hemp seeds, or nuts and the Oil has other valuable vitamin benefits, such as Vitamin E
Hemp oil is one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids.

Then what we have  left is called Hemp Cake,
(flour which can be made into hundreds of healthy valuable food products).


The food products could actually be called "super food products".

In my  past and current experiences in talking about HEMP
with friends and people I have met,
that virtually nobody has a clue about this plants uses, or abilities.

They know nothing about it being legal to grow in Oregon,
they know nothing about it's uses or capabilities.
They just think that it is something you get "stoned or high" from.
They do not know that the HEMP seeds do not have any THC in them.

This is sad to me and this is why our country is having problems,
No one is paying attention to anything.

Wake up people get involved we need creative people to know more
about things such as the value of hemp,

Lets use sites such facebook, twitter etc. to tell others about the value of Industrial hemp.

Canada, China, United Kindgom, France and so many other countries grow Industrial Hemo.

The United States is one of the only countries that still says it is illegal.
In Oregon, it has been legal to grow Industrial Hemp
accoding to the State Legislature SEnate and the House
and the siging of the Bill in August 2009 by
Governor Ted Kulongoski

Why? ask your politicians, Why.

What does it mean that Oregon has Legalized the growing of Industrial Hemp?
So Far, it means absolutley nothing,
We donot have a seed in the gorund or a plane growing, because of President bama's
Inability to act as a President of the United States of America,
much Like george bush jr, and his dad
For some reason I cannot remember his name, it was evidently
obscured by his sons ineffective reign as president ( no caps for a reason he was a loser)

I asked a simple question, at a seminar at Oregon State Universities,
Departments of Wood Science and Engineering.

It was:
"How many people are aware that Governor Kulongoski signed a Bill in August of 2009 which
Legalized the growing of Industrial Hemp in Oregon?"

There were approx 40 people in attendance and only one person raised Her hand
and she was one of the three of us that actually had taken part in the legalization process.
This is very sad for me and the proof is in the video below listen to David Seber
and you will hear my question to the attending students and professor's.

Education and Healthcare has for the most part been left out of the tax funding scenario,
Let's put some money towards it.
Let's put the money that comes from Industrial Hemp Products

 Specifically towards financing Education and Healthcare.
Not for PERS, Not for other government programs.
Let's make sure that it's sole designation is for Education and Healthcare programs.
Not Healthcare Insurance, but   Healthcare Assurance 

  We already have an "Empty Tax Bucket" for almost everything else,
                                 so let's make sure they, (the politicians) keep their hands off of this one.
                                 If they ( future elected officials/politicians ) ever vote NO, then vote them out,
                                 Note: to all politicians concerning future Industrial Hemp Legislation
                                 Clear and simple a NO Vote for us means a NO Vote for you.

                                           I would like to specifically thank those in the STATE of OREGON 2009 Legislature.
                                        The members of the Senate and the House and the Governor for getting this started,

                                                   It has been a long fight or effort and there is still much ground to cover.
                                   So let's cover it with HEMP

                                                              Just because it is legal does not mean a darn thing.  
                                                    Once again I thank them when they voted  YES on the following bill.

                                                                                   Thank You All that voted Yes
                                                               "The rest of you, the ones that voted No
                                              should go fly a kite on the beach and hope that a         
                                                          sneaker wave takes you out to sea ! "                           

                                 The Growing of Industrial Hemp has been Legalized by the State of Oregon.
                      Governor Ted Kulongoski signed the  Industrial Hemp - Senate Bill 676  August,  2009

                                   Just remember What  the three largest words in the  US   Constitution are.


                                                     Here is a hint


Two things to remember and hopefully abide by are

Article 1 Section 1 Oregon Constitution

Natural rights inherent in people.

      We declare that all men, when they form a social compact are equal in right: that all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their peace, safety, and happiness; and they have at all times a right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper. —


            According to the US Governments Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 August 2nd 1937

The Act levied a tax equaling roughly one dollar on anyone who dealt commercially in cannabis, hemp, or marijuana. The Act did not itself criminalize the possession or usage of hemp, marijuana, or cannabis, but it included penalty and enforcement provisions to which marijuana, cannabis, or hemp handlers were subject. Violation of these procedures could result in a fine of up to $2000 and up to five years' imprisonment.

So, evidently  it has been in place for quite some time that there is a Let's say a "Handling Tax On Hemp".
Let's all make sure that it gets spent on the right things.


Just in


Third:  It is said or stated in a Supreme Court Ruling somewhere in the Anals of American Judicial History,
that Corporations have the same rights as an Individual.

I find this hard to believe because I have never seen a Corporation receive the Death Penalty.
But it appears that there is finally a ruling by the Supreme Court that upholds this thought process.
When It happens we all need to be able to watch it on Reality TV.

In a fractious 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled today that corporations can be subjected to capital punishment for committing crimes causing loss of life.

“Frankly, I do not feel completely comfortable with my own logic,” wrote Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, speaking for the majority. “But it is important to follow precedent and we recently established the precedent that corporations are pretty much individuals. That means we can execute them if we feel like it, just as we execute ordinary people.”

the Four (4) Justices that voted against this need to be first in Line to sit in the Electric Chair, receive the Lethal Injection, or stretch the rope or be the recipient of a bullet from a firing squad for TREASON against the United States of America.
TREASON is a crime committed against the US GIVErnment in Times of War.

"WE are at War" 

Please feel free to comment on this subject.
We have been involved for countless years with corporations creating toxic chemicals that end up creating Cancer and other serious Maladies that end up resulting  in  "Loss of Life" and to this Day I see no Capital Punishment ever being taken against the Corporate Leaders that create these toxins. Wake Up People we need the change that we were promised, not a Change for the Worse but a Change for the Better.


Just  below is the talk on just one of the opportunities that the Industrial Hemp Market has to
offer for future Job Growth in Oregon and the US.

The talk was given by David Seber of Hemp Shield
the first wood deck sealer preservative made with Hemp Oil.

Richardson Hall

Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon

This video is fairly large once played you may download it to your computer and burn a DVD if you wish.
Itis a quicktime movie so you will need Apples quicktime player it is available for free at

Sorry for the air conditioning background sound and a few other annoyances.


WE do not sell or grow anything.

We can't even get seeds to grow legal things in Oregon.

Note: all of the resources on this planet are a part of the overall solution in helping solve
Food Shortages
Fuel Shortages


Energy Shortages
Housing Needs
and a multitude of other impending needs or crisises
Industrial Hemp is probably the only plant, that in a 120 day growing cycle, you can have  the necessay resources to manufacture over 50,000 different things.  Ok let's only say 25,000 different things.
That is still way too many to count on one hand.

Our current problem, the only problem we have with growing Hemp is the
( the current corporate thought process control over what does and does not happen, their strong arm is the D.E.A.))
D.E.A. everyone is afraid of the D.E.A.
Screw the DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency
They are denying our country a way to climb out of the job crisis we are currently having in the USA.

We are ready to work on it and they will do everything they can do to stop what we have voted for.

They all need to be put away as the criminals that they have become.

They will not even talk to YOU in a sensible manner on this subject.

This will only happen if You inform your friends, and strike out like
other countries are currently doing against the people in charge.


Let's call a spade a spade, corporations cannot control our lives no matter how hard they try.
We shall eventually gain back our freedom.
But not without every one of us jumping off the fence and removing the bucket that has
been placed over our heads.

I am sure that I do not have to prove to you that our leaders are failing in a big way,
and they have been failing for quite some time.

The Majority of them, do not have a clue on the direction that needs to be taken.

There are two beliefs.

The first belief  is that we can TAX our way to success.
The second belief is that we give all of the major corporations huge tax cuts.

Let's face it,  the conventional tax bucket is just plain empty.

And Guess what? Neither one of the above thought processes works.

Jobs work,  the more people working at a liveable wage enables us - you - everyone to buy the things
We all need to live comfortably and with the current tax structure.
we would have more than enough money to support the programs that need to be supported,
providing we have work or living wage jobs/

What is wrong, everyone is wrong even most of you,
most people are always looking for the easy way out.
There is no easy way out.

Some, seem to think that rebuilding our infrastructure will create jobs,
Jobs which will allow us to climb out of the current recession depression,

Infrastructure, BS it takes tax money to build roads , build bridges and 8 billion dollar train systems, etc.

Face it we are broke. America is not only Broke, the system is broken.

Their solution, the current solution, the solution we have at hand, is a failed thought process.

Stand Up Against Stupidity,
Everyone needs to take part in this action.

Speak Out, Scream Out
Wake UP,  Wake up America !!!!
We need ( Jobs, jobs, jobs )

First Realize it will take time to create an industry around Hemp Resources.

This cannot be done without, you guessed it.

We grow it, harvest it, grow fiber, grow seeds, press the oil out of the seeds,
( Jobs, jobs, jobs ) OK! We implement some kind of a tax also.

We will transport it, not once but several times from harvest to
final delivery of the final products.
( Jobs, jobs, jobs )

We will create equipment that harvests, slices, dices, sorts, squishes out the oil,
mashes the seeds into flour,  ( Jobs, jobs, jobs )

We will make shirts and pants and clothes and other soft goods from the fibers.
( Jobs, jobs, jobs )

We can make plastics out of the oil we can use the oil in food products.
( Jobs, jobs, jobs )

We make food products out of the seeds and flour.
( Jobs, jobs, jobs )
and paper products and building products out of the fiber.
( Jobs, jobs, jobs )

With what is left we can use to enhance the nutrients in the SOIL/ground and make energy
out of the left over plan hurds. more ( Jobs, jobs, jobs )

50,000 Things can be made from this currently unused plant.
( Jobs, jobs, jobs )

There is no other plant on this planet that has as many uses as

Industrial HEMP
Remember it is now legal to grow hemp in Oregon
Governor Ted Kulonowski signed the legalization bill in August of 2009

And best of all the money that we get from the taxes from the products that we make out of hemp
could potentially pay for  Health Care assurance and Better Education for our children.

It will probably eliminate hunger and stupidity all on its own.

It is classified as a potential SUPER FOOD.

I sure hope I do not have to tell you what a super food is.
No, it is not a big mac or a pizza, or a taco!!

There will be more than enough for all to get involved whether it is a large or small operation.

did I forget to mention ( Jobs, jobs, jobs )