First a little information on how to proceed.

We are a local music and video content access site.

If you wish to have your music or video placed on this site for others to watch. Please continue on.  We also create music and video presentation and DVD's for Celebration of Life and Musical groups, with the hopes to make it easy for other people to find.

We specialize in local content.
We have a lot of videos that have been created in the past, to upload to this site so that everytime you come back there will be something new for you to watch.
Even mispelt werds.

If you have video preferences let us know, we are always open to new content.

How we charge for what we create

Gathering Pictures and Music

How I Organize your Pictures

For first hand information, our projects are almost always over 120 pictures.

Some companies have a hard time creating  video DVD's that are over 50 picutres in length,
Why? because they use crummy software to make them, Our projects are compltely hand built.
we do not use just 1 program to make them, we use several programs to create the final project.

Here is a link to several Video DVD's that we have created.

Most of them have been created in less than a week.

We scan the pictures and clean them up when necessary, we then alter pictures by adding or maybe removing someone, we can turn a picture into what appears to be a video clip, or we can use video from whatever source you currently have it on.
We can take or make video clips  from old 8mm or 16 mm film reels, vhs tape, high 8, regular 8, digital eight, etc.
We also have older reel to reel tape desks, if you have audio that you wish to retrieve.

Here are some other things that I do,

I am a computer user - babysitter,  I teach computer users how to correctly (hopefully) use their computers better.
I am well versed in  Information Technologies,  I create video projects for business and families.
I create web pages but that is not my goal in life.

Here are a couple of links to other things that I am involved in.
themacprofessor.com  or lane-media.com  or  fiberalternatives.com

We are attempting to create a shared resource facility.
To find out more about

what this means, please send an email to: David@videooregon.com we have several people involved with the hopes of creating a place where we can help people learn more about how to use computers and technology to their advantage and not just using it for email, and basic social media sites.