First before you donate anything call us at 541-953-1851 leave a message and we will call you back
We have more to offer than just letting you watch a few video clips
We want to teach people how to do what you see here.
So we can entertain ourselves instead of letting a crummy cable channel do it for us
Unlike Youtube your donation will get your stuff placed on the internet, and we will show you how it is done, absolutley no secrets, I am too old to keep any secrets of what I have learned,,, to myself.
 Once again call us first, or email me at,
Thank You for taking the time to read this.
Now onto the
This Donation page goes to a secure Paypal site. Any information given
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You may go to where You will be able to  learn more about about their security before you go forward.
If you wish to go forward and help us out.

You do not have to have a PAYPAL account to Donate to Our Cause.

Your donation will go to provide for equipment maintenance, electricity, web site maintenance, and more.

The cause we have taken on, is to provide not just video information, but to create a Shared Resource Facility.
Where People can come and learn how to BETTER use  their computers such as:
( Create Video Projects, Live Online as it is happening Internet Video Content, Desktop Publishing, Music, Web Pages like this Video Portal, Digital Camera and a multitude of other things that we have to offer.)

We will be offering classes in the future.

The things that you see on this site are what we will be offering to help you with.

So that you, they can learn to create other necessary content for the community at large.
It is not cheap, and it generally comes out of one or two pockets that are not very deep.
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This is a secure way to make donations to us.
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It is exactly like the one below ( heck, it is the one below, so it works also. )

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