Video Oregon Live

So far it works
There is a 30 second ad you have to watch before it begins.
Click on the Blue Arrow to begin.

When the Live talk show starts you can move your mouse over the
video screen, and you will see a couple of arrows towards the
bottom right, when you click on them,  the screen will become full screen.

You can also  stop the ad on the video screen by clicking on the little x.

If we are online it will say LIVE in Red at the bottom right.

If we are not live, it will say OFF AIR.

If it is Off AIR, then the

The last recorded video will then play by clicking on the Blue Arrow.

There will first,  be a short ad to view
before you can watch the video..

Here is the last 48 minutes or so.
at Dharmalaya
after Chris Signed off.
Below this video , is the final 3min and 45 seconds.
I will put up
Chris Leask's February 2nd talk, probably tomorrow

It is in two sections due to a lost signal.
we also need more people to run the camera
and help with a few other things, that I did not have time to attend to.

Here is the first 42 min. of Robs Talk after Chris

      Video streaming by Ustream       

Here is the final 3 min 45 seconds of Robs Talk


Live streaming by Ustream

Here is Chris's Talk below it is in two sections

I have to convert a few files to make sure that they show in the correct order.
The first couple of minutes or so the screen is brighted out by the camera settings
I eventually corected this, but  I only taped a minute or so that

is why we have another video below this one it is a pain to shut down and reconnect the camera.

Video streaming by Ustream


Here is the second part of Chris's Talk.
It is 1  hour long.

Video streaming by Ustream

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